We are a professional company that strives for the quality of our service.

Regular Freight
  • National coverage in Mexico
  • Imports and Exports by San Diego, CA, El Paso, TX and Calexico, CA
  • Insurance option for transported merchandise
  • 53” dry boxes
  • Full load

Satellite Tracking and Monitoring
  • All units are equipped with satellite tracking to be monitored 24/7
  • Our staff is dedicated to ensure the safety of the truck dirver and unit load.
  • Location of the load at all times through the App for the phone.
  • Send display report of load and estimated time of arrival
Control Appointments and Punctuality
  • Garantizamos puntualidad y cumplimiento en citas de Carga y Descarga.
  • Permanent communication with our units during the journey.
  • Timely information to the client of the status of their cargo and TEA.
  • Emails with automatic notification.
  • Application for your consultation from your cell phone or any device.
Returns and Evidence Management
  • Recolección, resguardo y entrega de devoluciones.
  • Retorno oportuno de evidencias, digital y físicamente.
Certified Drivers
  • Nuestros Operadores son certificados por Recurso Confiable y Ryder.
  • To guarantee safety in transportation, our Operators are hired according to a strict selection control.
  • Continuous training in different areas, such as: defensive driving, evidence management, and personal development.
  • Review of night breaks.
  • Pruebas constantes de antidoping.
Modern Fleet
  • Manejamos una flotilla moderna de Tracto camiones 5ª rueda con cajas secas de 53”.
  • Contamos con un taller propio para asegurar el optimo funcionamiento de todo nuestro equipo y garantizar un servicio de calidad.
  • Nuestro taller esta certificado por las principales agencias como: Volvo, Detroit, Cummins.